Webinar: Facebook for business, level 2 (English)

Webinar on using Facebook for your business: The course is for those who already have a Facebook page for your business, but who want to learn more about how your page can get better. The course will be held in English.

Date and time: Thursday May 16th at 09:00 - 12:00
Free of charge
Registration deadline:
May 14th at 12:00

We go through various adjustments to the design of the page, as well as work on posts to create traffic and awareness. We assume you have worked as an administrator on a Facebook page before.

Themes on the webinar:

  • Use the professional dashboard to update your page
  • Use Meta Business Suite
  • Customize automatic messaging and chat
  • Creative tools for producing posts
  • Scheduled posts using the planner in Meta Business Suite
  • Add services to your page
  • Adjust the button on your cover page
  • Events
    • Normal events
    • Online events
    • Paid events
  • Facebook shopping
  • Groups and linking groups to your site
  • Membership in other groups, and promotion in other groups
  • Follow-up of comments and invitation to like the page
  • Your role as administrator versus your role as a personal user on Facebook
    • Like other pages like your page
    • Like other posts like your site
    • Comment as your page
    • Share posts as your site
    • See as site visitor
  • A little about strategic planning
  • Daily operation of the page on PC and smartphone

The webinar is followed via your PC or tablet. The instructor will share their screen and show you how to work effectively with your Facebook page for business. You can chat and talk to the instructor along the way.

We assume you have worked as an administrator on a Facebook page before. We will show you how to work as an administrator on your Facebook page via browser (PC), and in addition we will show how you can use apps on your mobile to make customizations on your page.

Note: We ask you to download the following apps in advance to your smartphone:

Meta Business Suite for iPhone // • Meta Business Suite for Android

Practical information about the webinar itself will be sent to you after we receive your registration. You can sign up through our form - see the button further down.

For further information, contact:
Rudolf Hansen – mobil: 974 67 981 - rudolf.hansen@skape.no
Reidun Sofie Ytreland - mobil: 920 72 656 - reidun.sofie.ytreland@skape.no
Camilla Torvik Tønne - mobil: 400 81 269 - camilla.torvik.tonne@skape.no

Terms of registration:
You can deregister, but it must be in writing to post@skape.no no later than 24 hours before the start of the seminar. This seminar is paid by the public and therefore free of charge. So if you do not deregister without sending a mail to post@skape.no within 24 hours before the start of the seminar, we will have to charge you NOK 300.