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Skape.no - Centre of Entrepreneurship in Rogaland

Skape.no is a centre for information, competence and guidance aimed at new businesses in Rogaland county. The main aim is to offer advice and assistance to ensure independence for new business owners as well as in-depth understanding of the day-to-day running of their business.

  • The entrepreneur and business start-up is always at the centre
  • The barrier to enter the market is decreased
  • Rogaland will be the greatest area in the country in which to establish a new business
  • The same offer is given to all new businesses across all councils
  • Motivation and safeguards for all business start-ups
  • Increased success rate for new businesses
  • Focused individual follow-up and guidance
  • Connection of new ideas with local commerce and investors
  • Enhance the region´s reputation as an attractive place for new business establishments
  • Create more profitable businesses
Target Group

Main target group: Potential new business start-ups
Other target groups: Newly established businesses and established businesses

Who is behind

Skape.no aims to strengthen advice and guidance for entrepreneurs and new businesses in all of Rogaland. The entrepreneurshipcentre in Rogaland is funded and supported by:

Benefits of Skape.no

  • A common centre for new business establishment for the entire region ensures more clarity for the entrepreneur and also for the public and private support system.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs, especially those related to administration.
  • Increased visibility of support to new businesses.
  • A concept that is transferable to other councils and regions.
  • Great transfer value, also to Europe and various EU / EEA projects.
Which activities does Skape.no offer
  • Useful information for new businesses
  • Personal advise and contact. You are entitled to three hours of individual counseling.
    You can apply for eight extra hours for a deductible.
  • Information on the web
  • Individual advice to the entrepreneur and business start-ups
  • Theme nights
  • Seminars and forums for business start-ups
  • Business start-up calendar showing all activities across the district
  • Courses for new business establishers
  • Regular introduction courses for entrepreneurs in Rogaland
Advice online
  • Online information and practical advice about establishing a business
  • Capital: where to locate finance for new businesses
  • Business start-up calendar with overview of all courses for entrepreneurs across Rogaland
  • Links to useful websites for business start-ups
  • News and guides for business establishers

You can read information in English on Altinn - Doing Business in Norway. Altinn your digital government dialogue.

Course Conditions

Link for English Courses

Payed courses/seminars:
Unsubscribtion can be made, but it must be in writing and sent as e-mail to post@skape.no later than 7 working days before the start of the course. Link for this can be found in all course descriptions. Enrolled who do not attend, or unsubscribe later than 7 days before the start of the course, will be charged full deduction for the course.

The share of Skape's course is invoiced after the course has been completed. The invoice is issued by Rogaland County Municipality, but it appears that it concerns Skape courses, including course title and date / Place.

Free courses/seminars:
Since this course is free of charge we have the following terms:
To unsubscribe you must sent as e-mail to post@skape.no no later than 24 hours before the start of the course. Our offers are paid by the public and therefore free for you. So if we do not reveive a cancellation at post@skape.no, at least 24 hours before the course, we will have to charge you NOK 300,-.