How to get more customers, 5 steps to success with sales - 3rd & 4th of May 2023

How to get more customers 5 steps to success with sales + learn the 2x2 system which is guaranteed to take your sales to new heights

Practical information:
Date and Time: 3rd & 4th of May, at 08:30 - 15:30 both days
Fee: 500NOK
Location: Arkivenes Hus - Innovasjonsparken Stavanger, Richard Johnsens gate 12, Stavanger
Lecturer: Hortsy Waldmann, Waldmann Invest

In this course, we will go through everything required to succeed with sales from A to Z.

We will practice and train, but most importantly, you will have a system that is easy to follow up and implement so you can reach your goals.

  1. Prospecting.
    - How to find your new customers?
    - Where and how should you register all of the contact information?
  2. The Pitch.
    - What should you say when you call or talk to someone?
    - We write our Pitch and practice it so that the % goes up.
  3. Meetings and Product / Service presentations.
    - What is essential, and how can you present it in the best possible way as most people say yes to you!
    - How can you close (get your prospect to become a customer).
  4. More Sales and References.
    - There are surprisingly few who use this technique, but it is incredibly powerful.
    - Did you know that you can quickly increase your turnover with this strategy?
  5. Statistics - KPI.
    - What should you measure and why?
    - How to use these numbers to get better results?
  6. 2X2 SYSTEM.
    - Take your sales to new heights with a system, training, and results.
  7. Motivation.
  8. - How to stay motivated? It is not difficult to get to the top, but how to stay there?.
  9. - Routines and habits.

For further information contact:
Rudolf Hansen, tlf: 974 67 981 -
Ådne Werge Christensen - mobil: 986 45 799 -
Stig Ole Sunde - mobil: 959 90 337 -

Terms of registration:
You can deregister, but it must be in writing to no later than 48 hours before the start of the seminar. Attendees who does not show up or deregister later than 48 hours before the start of the course will be billed the entire fee (500NOK). The bill will be sendt after the completion of the course, and is sent by Rogaland Fylkeskommune, but informed that it is from Skape, including course title and date/place.