Create a strategy to weather the economy, 28 th of Feburary 2024 kl. 18 - 20.00 (Haugesund)

“If a company doesn’t have a strategy, it is leaving its business up to chance,” says Vy Baldwin, an American Marketing Strategist, and founder of Vy Strategy in Haugesund. In today’s uncertain economy it is more important than ever to have a strategy for your business. On February 28nd, come hear Vy Baldwin teach about building a strong strategy.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, a strategy can help your company align its marketing activities and resources towards the same goals. This reduces wasted time and money, which is extremely valuable in an uncertain economy.

If you think a strategy is just a goal, you’re missing out. If you think a strategy is just a plan, you're missing out. Come hear how Vy builds strong strategies. She will be helping companies understand their why, identify customers, exploring effective channels, and sharing her methods and techniques for how to build a strong strategy. Go back to your work feeling empowered and inspired.

In 2023, Vy Strategy celebrated 5 years. This was quite the accomplishment, because many startups don’t tend to survive past 2 to 3 years. Educated in the US, Vy Baldwin built her career diversifying the industries and markets she worked in. This gave her a unique advantage when she moved to Norway, to be able to walk into any company and industry and build their strategy.

The agenda:

  • Understanding the 'Why'
  • Identifying Your Customers
  • Exploring Effective Channels
  • Methods and Techniques

Vy Baldwin is an American Marketing Strategist, who founded Vy Strategy. Vy Strategy is a strategibyrå in Haugesund with a focus on Marketing. The company celebrated 5 years in 2023, and has been helping grow Norwegian companies from local restaurants and co-working spaces to offshore companies operating internationally. Her education and marketing background came from the US, which she describes as shark-infested waters. This sharpened her skills, and made her the perfect tool for Norwegian businesses who want to thrive.

Practical Information:

Date: 28 February, 2024
Time: Kl. 18.00 – 20.00, arrival at kl. 17.45
Location: Gründerloftet in Haugesund (Smedasundet 66, 5528 Haugesund)
Price: Free

Networking breaks will be arranged

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Rudolf Hansen - mobile: +47 974 67 981 -

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